Off to Norway!

by tartanindenmark

I will be heading to Norway this afternoon with my Climate Change and Technology class. We will spend 5 days between Oslo, Voss, and Bergen. I’m excited to wake up very early tomorrow morning and see the sun rise over our ferry in the Oslofjord. It’s nothing less than a dream for a nature-lover like myself.

Also, on this past Thursday, the class visited the Danish community of Hyldespjældet, pronounced something like “hew-des-pyil-deh”. It is a suburban community containing about 400 flats. The community is traditionally underprivileged, but they have implemented a series of environmentally friendly initiatives that have helped reduce their cost of living. For example, they have hen houses, greenhouses, and a few goats. They have on-sight recycling and composting. They also work closely with agricultural establishments in the area to recycle their bodily waste. Apart from the environmental ingenuity, they use some of their land as a type of art bank. They allow sculptors to deposit and pick up their work when they need to. Perhaps the coolest part was the playground! The community had an excellent environmental and social atmosphere.